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On this page, the founders of the Me-We project tell you what Me-We means to them. According to the principle of Me-We, it is precisely about the different individuals (Me) who form the larger whole (We) this also applies to the persons behind the Me-We project, who each give their own interpretation of the Me-We world.

Geert-Jan van der Wolf

Consultant business spirituality 

A world view is comprehensive when it comes to the world as we know it as people. However, a world view is part of something. It is part of a life vision, a philosophy of life. A world view is bigger than the world because it also says something about the world outside the world. We are used, at least in the West of the world, to look at our lives and what happens in them as concrete, real events. Houses, food, people, clothes. All tangible and visible. We even recognize intangible things like poetry. However, poetry is ‘tangible’ again because it consists of words in a language. Sounds we can hear, the language we know. That’s why we (Western) people have a hard time with feelings. We will all effortlessly recognize that being in love, being angry, being happy affect how people are. That it affects how they act. But what exactly are feelings is a question. It is a question because we cannot see, smell or touch feelings anywhere. Medical technology has come up with all kinds of things through which feelings can be deduced from all kinds of changes in human physiology. Yet it remains impossible to take a photo of, for example, falling in love. At the same time, that is also incorrect. There are now many photos of people who are clearly in love or who love each other a lot. What we see are people who sit, stand, touch, and many more of those things in a certain way. When we hear all those signals, attitudes, words, we know: “They are (radically) in love!”. Yet we don’t “see” falling in love. Nor can we grab it with those people.

 This digression about falling in love, about feelings, aims to tell that the creators of the Me-We game believe that feelings are important. Their importance lies in the influence they have on how people behave. The Me-We world is all about how people behave. That is the foundation on which everything is based. The concrete visible behaviour of people. More on that later. Before the Me-We world can be expanded, it is important to mention a few other things. It is about insights that we as humans have gained. Gained because we have scientifically searched for it.

One of the scientific insights that play a role in the worldview of the Me-We world is Chaos theory. You may know this theory from the commonly used example: the butterfly effect. In that example of the Chaos theory, it is said that a butterfly in Mexico flies up from a flower. This event brings an air swirl into the air that eventually leads to a hurricane in China. In essence, this theory says that every event with every other event that follows is connected by cause and effect. However, it is so intertwined that it is (still) impossible for us humans to find the first cause of an event. Where the first cause was also a consequence of a similar chain of events. The makers of the Me-We game also consider this theory applicable to human behaviour. Everything people do affects how the world is right now.

Chaos theory also influences in another way. According to the creators of the Me-We game, all things people do are of equal importance. However small, an action by a person can lead to major consequences. We cannot determine that in advance. The consequence of this mindset is that all people are equal. That all people matter.

A second scientific insight that the makers of the Me-We game deem of great value are Complexity Theory. The complex comes from the Latin word complexus. Complexus means composite or intertwined. Complexity theory is used, for example, to understand the behaviour of birds flying in a flock. Complexity theory has given us human insight that every bird does not take the entire flock into account at all. Each bird only takes into account his / her neighbours. By adapting to this and also using their own flight path, the birds start to move as they move. Only from a greater distance do you see completely different shapes and movements. This mechanism is something that the creators of the Me-We game believe also applies to people in a community. People don’t consider everyone else in their community. They take into account the people they count as their “neighbours”. These can be physical neighbours, more likely they are their imaginary neighbours. People from their family, relatives, association, work, school and other groups that people count themselves to. In fact, people move differently within different groups. The behaviour of every person in the group creates group behaviour. Group behaviour is like a flock of birds. You can see, experience that behaviour. It is the composite, intertwined behaviour of all those people together. That composite behaviour of the group can again be the initial cause of a chain of events through Chaos theory.

 The Theory of Complexity once again emphasizes the importance of the individual. Every person in the world matters. The behaviour that this person display influences the world as it is concrete. No one excluded.

 These two scientific insights that we have acquired as humans are elementary in the Me-We world, the world behind the Me-We game.


Simone de Wijn

Community Builder 

As a person and educator, I have a lot of empathy for others, so that I can really understand and support people. Especially outside the protocols, I can reach many people at a direct emotional level. Because I am a cheerful and free person, people like to get in touch with me. I can give a warm feeling to many people, children and organizations so that people open up to me and quickly feel at ease with me. This can be liberating for people. We are not a machine but human beings and we can only continue to feel human if we also continue to act on it. I’ve always been interested in what moves people, why people make certain choices. Because I am highly sensitive I have a high EQ level and I now know why I am always interested in what moves people and what choices they make. When I say human, I also mean children and young people and organizations. Because I was always looking for more depth about what moves people, I realized that I first have to know what moves me to certain actions. 

My first live event was Landmark, because a friend of ours was a member of it and told about it so enthusiastically, I took the step to become a member of the Landmark. It is an American organization (some say sect) where you can improve people’s professional and personal life satisfaction. I followed the training and had to expose myself by telling my story on stage. It was not quite the place for me, because they oblige you to remain a member for a lifetime and therefore always follow training courses (which are expensive). In addition, I saw a girl collapse during training and there was no one to catch the girl. For some people, there were feelings of herself that she didn’t know yet. This can be very scary for people. I also indicated that there at the time, but it was not really followed up. I then stopped the training after the first year. Years later I understood that Landmark was involved in mass psychology and is also much more of a revenue model than that it really benefits people. You could also say that Landmark was at the start of my coaching. 

Ten years later I was unemployed and an acquaintance offered me a free workshop/training. Emergenetics is an American company that has developed profiles to make young people aware of their preferences so that you can understand others and yourself better. For three days with a hotel stay, I followed the training together with a good friend. This opened up a world for me, because if you are born with a certain preference (DNA / gene) then that is fixed and knowing that you can improve yourself. The profile can also be tested again after a year and then you can see whether your preferences have been reinforced. You can never become someone else. What I have learned in this is that you should above all be satisfied and happy who you are and that you can grow further from that point. If you know better who you are and are completely satisfied, you can also work better together. The me-we world the consultancy/design agency of my life partner that I joined in 2020.

About five years ago I started designing a game together with my current partner who has a creative company. The game is a training tool to help people work together better in companies. We abandoned that idea because there was a lot of competition and we realized that there was also inequality in the profiles and what people and organizations can do more. At that moment we met a special man against Geert Jan van der Wolf (philosopher/meteorologist/theologian) and together with him we improved our game to the MEWE game (a gamification game that turns the whole world upside down). The game is based on a human system where we will work and live together with nature. This game has brought me closer to nature and I can be more my authentic self. The need to improve the world together with others is also based on this. The places I have seen and researched where WE groupthink predominates, there is a lot of miscommunication and you also lose your ME a bit. For this, we have also developed tools that strengthen both the ME and the WE.

Lawrence Kwakye

Designer & Artist 

Personally, I define life as different forms of movement. Initially, my movement that started with my birth and it will end when I am dead. My life is in the space between birth and death. I have been on my way to death since I was born and try to delay death for as long as possible.

The meantime, in-between space, being on my journey defines my being alive. Like the birds in a flock, I position myself in the group of peers and move in an environment that changes every moment having no overview of the bigger picture. In other words, I position myself in nature. The most meaningful thing I can do is to move along with the unknown and anticipate!

Another form of movement that I envision is the movement that defines my identity as a human being and that is the movement between Me and We! I move from Me to We and from We to Me. As an individual (Me) I am a person with needs and hope to be able to discover who I am and what I want to be. In this ‘being’ process I interact with my (living) environment (We). My environment colours me. In other words, my personality is formed by the interaction with my environment. When we form a group of people it consists of different individuals, each with their own identity. But one could not speak of a group if there were no individuals and you as an individual could not be distinguished from a group if there was no group. Individual and group cannot exist without each other for their meaning are formed by how they are related to each other.

The ‘Me’ and ‘We’ give each other the right to exist, just as good and evil give each other meaning. If you abolish one of the two, the other automatically no longer exists.

For me, this is the essence of the Me-We-World. Interdependence!

Our biggest challenge as humans is that we have to live with uncertainty and the fact that we cannot oversee the bigger picture, but is this really necessary? Is this not about the aforementioned mutual relationships, also called the relativity of things? Could I also frame all of humanity as a “Me” and nature as “We?”

people – nature

When humanity is the “Me” and nature is the “We” (man including the rest of nature) then you have to remember that there can be no such thing as a man taking good care of nature. Nature is you so you can be honest and say that you are doing something good for yourself. As a human being, you can say that you are for the preservation of humanity. Self-preservation means a liveable living environment! People maintain their position in nature by protecting their natural environment. Is this a case of self-preservation? Who really needs to be protected or saved here? Is it self-centred to be people-centred? Our impact or footprint may be large and growing, but personally, I think that you as a person cannot place yourself above nature, simply because you make part of it yourself! You can, however, relate to nature.

As a person, I know my place in nature and I take care of the preservation of that tree, the forests or that landscape because if I don’t I will soon run out of oxygen and cannot breathe. See our “interdependence” here!

Nature is indifferent, has no opinion and just continues, possibly in a different form and without us just think of Mars or another planet where we have not yet found any people.

When I look at the greatest challenge facing humanity at the moment, it is the ability to estimate how much impact we have as individuals and to act accordingly. The Tragedy of the Commons teaches us that in the absence of an overview we are naturally inclined to think of ourselves first and not of the importance of the bigger picture! I think that if we learn to understand our position in life defined in Me-We we are able to live more peacefully even if we are in the process of the extinction of humanity. This is inevitable according to the rules of thermodynamics I have learnt recently. What we can do is postpone the extinction for as long as possible by maintaining our natural environment.

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