Me We World | Research

Inspire people to imagine and explore new existential concepts.


On this page, we explore how the Me-We vision relates to daily practice. By exploring and assessing different social issues. For this, we develop google questionnaires. We evaluate the results and share our insights on this page (only) If you want to participate just download one of our forms.

The Me-We Engagement Research form

Based on the Me-We game, the Me-We Frame is developed to explore how the Me-We concept relates to day to day life. To learn how people use the Me We frame for community challenges we developed this Me-We Engagement Research form.

Go to the google form to participate in our research form.

The Me-We Engagement Research form

If you want to use the Me-We frame for current issues click below.

Evaluating Human perspectives

People have different backgrounds and different preferences. In this form, you can define your community and explore how you relate to your environment.

Evaluating the Human perspectives form

If you want to evaluate the Human perspectives click below.