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Inspire people to imagine and explore new existential concepts.


This page gives an overview of all the pilots and the online/ offline training program currently available

Me-We Program | for whom?

Community builders

People who are policymakers and want to build new communities or redefine their existing one


People who want to create a social and sustainable business considering different perspectives while evaluating human conditions


People who want to learn about innovation practices through Systems Thinking & Design Thinking

Civilization Design pilots & training

How we work

At the Me-We World, we work in an explorative way, which means that we also apply the design thinking methods that we use within our programs to ourselves!

As Me-We we stand for: “Learning through experience” which means that we always keep developing. Each program starts with a pilot and is later elaborated in a fixed format. View the program description below for this. We can offer programs in the form of an orientation workshop or multi-day training, which can also be translated into a 5-day Design Sprint. All our services are currently available online but can also be offered on location within the Netherlands. For specific questions and wishes, please contact us.

Simone Kwakye de Wijn

Simone Kwakye de Wijn

Me-We Founder Communication & networking

For requests for workshops, training & pilots and communication about current projects or an exploratory meeting about the Me-We project, please contact her.

Lawrence Kwakye

Lawrence Kwakye

Me-We Founder Designer of Me-We project & gamification

For an exploratory meeting about general information of design processes that have been applied at the Me-We project, game & gamification/ civilization design and the vision/philosophy behind Me-We, please contact him.

Me-We Program

Civilization Design through gamification Systems-Thinking & Design Thinking


More and more people have to share our planet, which means that the impact on our ecosystem is increasing on many levels, even on levels that we are not aware of and therefore do not even think about! This challenges us to think about our survival strategy as a species. The biggest challenge here is that we come to think from a position of interdependence where we navigate and explore; see inclusion, equality/access and quality of life as a standard.



In the Me-We-World we investigate through collaborations between various people & organisations and how we can address the great challenges, we face in the 21st century. We look at promising new blockchain and crypto-related technologies and their role in governance, tokenisation, ecosystems, value creation, validation or smart contracts, collaboration and co-creation, communication and more. We look at what causes a lack of transparency or information flow. How our perception of value can be widened where money thinking can be transferred into value creation within a network economy.



Me-We-World created an ethical/social and ecological framework called the Me-We-frame. This framework can be combined with various interactive sessions where we create awareness through games (serious gaming and gamification) but also tools that help map/understand social, economical, environmental and political challenges. We are mapping the system through our system thinking tools and using Design Thinking canvases online & offline during events and special programs developed for educators, community builders and entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to think, live and work in a future-oriented, innovative, sustainable and socially responsible way.

Me-We game Paris at Ouisharefest 2017

System Thinking program | a collaboration with Blockchain for Lean

Me-We collaborate with Blockchain for Lean

The Me-We life vision has developed from 2020 into multiple interactive and practical tools combined with Design Thinking and System Thinking methodology.

Since 2021, Me-We World has been working with Blockchain for Lean on a program about System Thinking in combination with game simulation for educators, entrepreneurs and government agencies.

System-Design Thinking

Our latest workshop is a System-Design sprint where we showcase the toilet paper bull run during the corona crisis in 2020 when people started hoarding toilet paper. A very unreal problem but was this a wicked problem? This is just an example to explain our workshop that can be used for various wicked problems within themes such as Healthcare, the externalities of AI technology, Gentrification, systemized inequality, Carbon hybrid, the legalization of Gen therapy and many more wicked problems. Just let us know what kind of issue you want to get a deeper understanding and we can organise a customised System-Design sprint. 

example of our System-Design Thinking canvases 2023

Me-We Design Thinking program

Introduction Design Thinking with Me-We

The Me-We life vision has developed from 2020 into multiple interactive and practical tools combined with Design Thinking and System Thinking methodology.

Design Thinking is a methodology that focuses on the needs of people, and on creating solutions that solve their problems in an innovative way. It is based on principles of human-centred design, which puts people’s needs and experiences at the heart of the design process.

example of our Customised MIRO online whiteboard Design Thinking with SDG goals a pilot in 2021 with Digital Pakistan 

Pilot | Island game

Island game

This game is an initiative by: Machiel Tesser, Lawrence Kwakye, Stephane Baillie-Gee, Yves Carnazzola, Ron Suarez

This is an island game about an island with trees. The central question and starting point for making this game is the question: “why is a dead tree worth more than a living one?” During this game, people are challenged to broaden their view of money and focus more on a more sophisticated form of value exchange. By shifting the focus to a network economy with decentralized forms of governance and tokenization. The game takes you on a journey from a Rai stone-inspired barter community to a monetary system and then the transition to a networked economy where all elements in our ecosystem are given a voice and our awareness of the living conditions we live in as human beings are magnified. Yet we must accept that NOT KNOWING is our most valuable insight!

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example of our Customised MIRO online whiteboard of the Island game status 2023