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This page is about the understanding of ‘the concept of community’ how it can work for livability at the work floor, at home or between different cultures.

Me-We Challenge

Our challenge is how to create an inclusive civilization with value consciousness within a more regenerative world? 

Would it be possible to have a HUMAN system that makes colonization, manipulation, and depletion of natural resources obsolete?

So what does an inclusive civilization look like?                                                                                                                                              

If we talk about an inclusive civilization we mean a civilization activated from a community perspective. 

Inclusive also means respecting differences! This can also be a situation of dissensus instead of the obvious consensus. In the Me-We world, we believe that people can agree to disagree and still live next to each other because they are aware of their interdependence within nature. In the African Ubuntu philosophy, this aspect is captured in the sentence: “I am because we are”.

What do we mean with Value Consciousness?                                                                                                                                    

Coming from a community perspective we need to be aware of the conditions of life within the community to be able to evaluate them. We think the best way to address wicked problems in society is to frame a problem from different perspectives within the community.

About the Me-We community grid & template 

To explore value consciousness through gamification is in our belief a very effective way to become aware of what we really think so we created a game building game. A game based on interdependence where the knowledge of the community is related to community functionality and community values. The relation between qualities, knowledge, functionality and values is represented in the Me-We community grid. We invite people to build their own grid with their own knowledge bank and community functionality and values with the MeWe community template. This way people can experience what we have experienced while we created the Me-We game. 

To download the Me-We grid & Template click on the A3 pdf link below

About the Me-We_frame

Below the community template, we added the Me-We frame.

We developed the Me-We frame together with the Me-We template as a method to use for people who want to build communities. The main 3 building blocks in the frame are Human conditions, Human Perspectives and Human Actions.


Human Conditions 

To start with we use Human conditions to give community builders a moral compass based on Safety, Trust, Understanding, Awareness, Relaxation and Tenderness (STUART). STUART gives people the ability to evaluate the quality of the community and gives insights on possible wicked problems. It is the starting point framing the problem. 


Human Perspectives 

With our 5 P program ( People, Planet, Prosperity, Pneuma and Peace) we create an integral and inclusive framework to meet different interests. It is important to connect these interests because we all live together in a complex world and influence each other when we working on different challenges. Again this is a good way in our opinion to challenge wicked problems. Prior to Human Actions, we try to get people more engaged. We believe that people don’t come into action if they do not own their problems. This means that people tend to focus on their own agendas and we should facilitate that but since we live together in a complex world these agendas need to be linked in the Human perspectives approach (5ps) Also the qualities of the people in the community are equally important to get to come to solutions regarding the improvement of community life. By creating awareness around people’s analytical, structural, visionary and social preferences and see how these different qualities can meet and work together in a balanced way integrated into the 5 P program.


Human actions

As a third aspect, we introduce Human actions. When we start from a ME-WE point of view, we notice that people are involved in activities during life that we can divide into 3 categories. These are Ritualising, Sharing and Imagining. In the Me We frame, we make a connection to how they relate to the Human conditions and Human perspectives. 

(see download below)

The Me-We Community Template

For the Me-We game, we created our community grid that is based on the inspirations and insights of the Me-We team. For us, this process was very inspiring and it made us aware of how a human system emerges from our interactions. To us, the process of building a game is already a game! We call this: “The game building game” Now it is your turn!

For guidance on how to use or apply the Me-We Community Template and open community grid please contact us so we can work out a customised workshop for you and your organisation!

MeWe Community Template

This is a template to build your own community based on the Me We game Prototype gameboard no 6. Make your own version of the Me-We game!

The Me-We Frame

Based on the Me-We game, the Me-We Engagement Frame is developed to explore how the Me-We concept relates to day to day life. With this set, you can play with and learn about the Me-We vision. Consultants and coaches can use this as a frame to work with. To apply the Me-We World vision for social sustainable business a Me-We frame & Me-We Community Template are important tools. We work on a Me-We World program consulting for organisations. For any questions about the Me-We program please contact us!

MeWe Frame

download pdf here


La Belle-Saison by Surrealist painter Rene-Magritte. The three is a big leave. The essence is repeated throughout the whole structure.

How the ‘Me’ can grow into ‘We’ and ‘We’ can grow into ‘Me’?

‘Me’ can be an individual but if we scale up ‘Me’ can also become a group. E.g. you are an individual in your family and at your work or living environment but if you talk about your town you and the people of your town become the ‘Me’ of the country where you live in. ‘Me’ becomes ‘We’ in that case. If that same ‘We’ is defined as a part of the world (like Europe for instance) in that case you’re country becomes the Me. If the World is the We then Europe becomes Me and so on…

So ‘Me’ and ‘We’ are positions.

A small animation explaining the Me-We growing process.

Discover how the Me-We-World is related to the Geometry of peace model

by Geert-Jan van der Wolf

As a theologian, philosopher, meteorologist, programmer and family man Geert-Jan followed his passion and curiosity about life and living systems. Discover the connection between the Chakras, Anthropological constants of Edward Schillebeeckx, Heart IQ and insights of salespeople and entrepreneurs!

The Geometry of peace model - Me-We related