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Inspire people to imagine and explore new existential concepts.


This page is about the understanding of ‘the concept of community’ how it can work for livability at the work floor, at home or between different cultures.

Consulting We | for whom?

Community builders

People who are policymakers and want to build new communities or redefine their existing one


People who want to create a social and sustainable business considering different perspectives while evaluating human conditions


People who want to learn about innovation practices through Design Thinking

Me-We Challenges and how they are approached see below

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1. How can we work with an approach towards life that is based on the complex system theory?

Concept of Community

Seeing the world through a community perspective

In our globalist world, everything is interconnected. Our technologies and our actions can no longer be approached solely from a local perspective. When it comes to our actions, our individual responsibility plays a greater role today because we inhabit the earth with more and more people. Our individual impact has grown as the technology we use has a greater impact on the Earth than ever before. To give a concrete example, consider all the products we use such as a mobile phone, a car, household items, clothing, etc. These products are produced all over the world, whereby parts are assembled by people in different countries and later in the final stage the products are sold in different countries. Also consider the power of the weapons we have to influence, manipulate, or even destroy our humanity. These are also stronger and reach further than ever! There are not only military weapons here but also various forms of propaganda in the media, politics and advertising.


Because everything is interconnected, everything is being influenced. Together we are a citizen of the world and a citizen of the earth despite and thanks to our culture and background. The world we live in is so big and comprehensive that it is no longer possible to oversee and control everything that happens in the world. It seems that we can only relate to what is happening in our living environment. We navigate and fly like a flock of birds where each bird knows its position in relation to the other but none of the birds sees the big picture. A total picture that is in motion and constantly changing compared to the landscape in which it is located.


The human circumstances in which we find ourselves are therefore constantly changing and as humans we face the challenge of relating ourselves to these ever-changing conditions. These conditions are related to our autonomy, identity, knowledge, responsibility, peace and conditionality. These conditions are a condition for our quality of life.


Ethical dilemmas and differing societal social perspectives are the foundation of our thinking and acting and can lead to being empowered, inspired and motivated as individuals, but also frustrated, excluded, stressed or enslaved.

Respect for the individual within the group determines the quality of the group and vice versa.


However, a human being could not exist without other life forms from which he originated and on which he is dependent / connected. It is precisely this dependence that makes its existence possible. We call this perspective or way of looking at the world “Me-We”, which consists of all life forms (and non-living forms) in relation to each other.


The Me-We

2. How can we build a commons-based sustainable Civilization?

The Me-We frame | Considering ethics & perspectives

The Me-We frame | Evaluating the conditions of a community

The Me-We frame | Exploring perspectives (example)

The Me-We frame | Human Actions explained

below an example of the Me-We frame (online) Miro whiteboard

3. How do we relate meaning to purpose and value?

The Me-We Community grid

Civilization design through self-governance.

example of Me-We Community template on Miro whiteboard below


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4. How do we connect clarity & simplicity to complexity?

The Me-We Iteration Module

Practice design thinking with Me-We


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5. How do we build a system that is adaptive, regenerative that considers all life forms on earth?

The Me-We Tools overview | From intentions to values

From Me to We


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The Me-We Concept of a Community

This presentation is an introduction to the Me-We life vision and the Me-We frame and frame boards. It gives an insight into how Me-We thinking kan be used in a practical way using design-thinking techniques. It supports and inspires startups and organisations that want to work in an innovative social sustainable way. There is also an overview of various workshop sessions. For inquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Presenting Me-We

Introduction to the Me-We concept of community